Message From Founder

John ClintonHi. My name is John Clinton, founder, and president of InHomeSafetyGuide. On behalf of all of us here, I’d like to thank you for visiting us and also provide you with a quick background about who we are and why we created this site.

In short, what started out as a simple family project for our co-founder Kane Wilkin, has grown into what we (as well as industry professionals and over 225 verified Trustpilot reviews) believe to be the most complete, simple, and honest source for keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure at home.


In short, Kane ran into what he found just “wrong” –  while searching online for a medical alert system for an aging relative, Kane was tasked with a pretty easy request – “please help identify a medical alert system for your grandfather.” Kane went to Google, like all of us do, and typed in “Best Medical Alert Systems.”

There were ads, natural website links, for pages and pages.  Kane called me half laughing half disturbed and told me what he was doing, how it struck him as wrong and the two of us being friends since grammar school decided to try and fix it.

That was six years ago and we are now the most trusted source for real reviews.   We put all systems, service, companies through a variety of tests. We rank them numerically in four categories, discuss the results with the team, and we are able to provide a clear picture of what the best solutions are.



Finally, we make no secret that we do generate revenue from some of the companies listed on our site.  Not all, but some.  We split editorial from the financial side, it keeps us transparent and in an industry such as this, you can’t merchandise these products like a blender.

Have a question on how we can improve? Let us know! We are here to help.