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Beware of Medical Alert Reviews—Not All Review Sites Are The Same

Have you ever searched for the best of something? Everyone who has access to the internet has, and if you’re looking for a medical alert system, you’ve definitely visited Google and typed in ‘best medical alert systems’. Our founder did, and what he found was extremely disturbing. But more about that in a minute.

If you’re serious about finding the best one, you’ve most likely followed up your search with the phrase ‘medical alert system reviews’. Sounds like a pretty good search phrase to me. By searching for that specific phrase, you should be able to click through quality reviews of the top systems. What better way to ensure you find the perfect system for a loved one?

Well, guess, what? That’s not the case at all.

Go ahead and do a quick search on Google for ‘best medical alert systems’ or click through a few pages after searching for ‘medical alert system reviews’.

The first thing you’ll notice is just how many number one medical alert systems there are… They can’t all be number one! What the heck is going on here?

I can tell you exactly what’s going on.

Not all reviews and review sites are created equal. Instead of conducting fair and honest reviews of each system, some websites are in it just for the money. Companies pay for the placement of their system at the top of some of these lists, whether they deserve to be there or not. And you know what? That really pisses me off.

We’re not talking about the best TV or blender here. We’re talking about a medical device that could save lives. How slimy it is, that in an effort to make more money, reviews that you should be able to trust are selling their top spots to the highest bidder.

Fortunately, not all review sites are like this. When comparing medical alert system reviews on various sites, there are some things you can look out for that will tell you if you’ve found a dependable review site, or if you’ve found one that just wants to make a quick buck.

Red flag #1 — It’s all about the sale

When you first visit a review website, you should take a few minutes to determine what their ultimate goal is. And no. The goal isn’t necessarily to help you find the best medical alert system.

If a review site is all about the sale, it’ll be pretty obvious fairly quickly. As you scroll down the page, look for buttons that shout ‘Buy now!’ or buttons that are bigger than others that exclaim ‘Get a FREE quote!’

You know what the biggest giveaway is? It’s really easy to follow a link to the website, but you can’t seem to find the link to the full review… When you do find it, the first option you’ll have is to buy the system. Then, as you read the review, you’ll be reminded that you can buy the system… Basically, a review site that’s all about the sale will come across more like a piece of marketing, not an informed review.

Red flag #2 — The reviews are seriously lacking

What would you like to know about each medical alert system? Details about the quality of customer service that’s offered? What equipment you’ll get? Maybe how to set up the unit? Sites posing as a medical review website don’t really care about all this stuff. Instead, it’s all about giving you an opportunity to purchase a unit so they can get a kickback from the provider.

A good review site will go in-depth in multiple categories. And you know what? Great medical alert system reviews will even list the cons of a system, even when it comes to the system that is listed in the number one spot. If you don’t see any cons, find a new website.

Red flag #3 — The content is thin

When scrolling down each page of reviews, what should you see? I think a quality review of the system sounds pretty good, don’t you? When the site is all about getting a sale, content takes a backseat.

When there are more pictures and reminders to buy the system than content, you know you’ve found a review site that exists solely for profit. A quality review website will contain a lot of valuable content, like lengthy reviews and even blog articles.

Red flag #4 — There are no dedicated reviewers

Who is doing the reviews? A mysterious ghostwriter? The medical alert systems should take center stage, but the people running the website shouldn’t be a mystery.

Great medical alert system review websites take great pride in telling visitors about the dedicated professionals that work hard to provide quality content to visitors. If you can’t figure out who’s writing the reviews or who’s contributing to the website, you should run the other way.

Red flag #5 — No certification system

How exactly do they determine what medical alert system to list in the number one spot? And no. A gold badge isn’t the right answer.

When the best system goes to the highest bidder, there is no certification system. Each review is just used as a way to get a visitor to purchase a system. The website stands behind a system simply because it provides them with revenue.

A quality review site will have an in-depth certification system that you can learn about. They review the system, independently certify it, and then reach out to the medical alert system company to build a partnership.

Choosing a medical alert system isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Feel free to browse multiple review sites and consider very carefully the systems that are listed on each one, but only consider the ones that avoid the red flags listed above.

Don’t fall victim to heavy-handed tactics and reviews that essentially lie to get readers to make a purchase. You and your family deserve better than that.

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