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GetSafe – Home Security System Review

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GetSafe is InHomeSafetyGuide’s 2017 Editor’s Choice for best home security system. We recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a month to month, no-contract, 24/7 monitored alarm with the added benefits of DIY installation, video, and smartphone control.

We were extremely impressed with the look and feel of the product. The equipment is beautifully packaged and fits in seamlessly with other high end devices that you find from companies like Apple and Sonos.

There’s no need for a wall-mounted control panel and the system can be adjusted and expanded to fit your needs. It’s also completely compatible with the Nest Thermostat, which means you can control the temperature in your home all within the GetSafe App.

getsafe diy wireless home security

Flexibility meets affordability

Although you do have to purchase the equipment upfront, a basic system costs $249 and 24/7 professional monitoring will cost you $29 per month. Additional equipment can be purchased and integrates easily with their basic system.

1. Setup and ease of use

The Getsafe Starter Kit is extremely easy to setup and it’s by far one of the easiest systems to use. Because it’s completely wireless, you can self-install the system in just minutes. Add, remove, or adjust components whenever and wherever you like.

And If you move, you don’t have to worry about calling in an installation crew again, which makes GetSafe a great choice for homeowners and renters alike. Simply pack up your equipment and set it up wherever you go!

Nearly every home security system on the market requires a stationary control panel. Chances are, you’ll end up with a traditional keypad that looks like it’s decades old. GetSafe gets it right by skipping the control panel altogether. Instead, the entire system functions from your Android or iPhone, making it one of the easiest systems to use.

getsafe home security

2. Equipment & Security Features

The equipment in the GetSafe system is quite different from the equipment you’ll find in other systems. The first thing you’ll notice is the look of the system itself. Most security equipment looks like, well… security equipment. Not only does this make it easy for an intruder to pinpoint and destroy the equipment, it also sticks out like a sore thumb in your home.

GetSafe equipment is specially designed to fit in with your existing electronics. Their smooth, streamlined appearance ensures that it fits in perfectly with the existing stereo system, WiFi router, and chargers in your home.

getsafe starter kit close up

3. GetSafe Cost & Value

Although GetSafe isn’t the cheapest plan on our list, it definitely provides you with the most bang for your buck. There’s an upfront for their starter kit, but that means you completely own the equipment once it’s purchased. No need to return the system if you decide to cancel.

The basic four-piece system includes a smart hub, entry sensor, a motion detector, and a siren for $249. Additional items can be added to your package depending on the size of your home.

24/7 professional monitoring is $29 per month. That means that there is always someone monitoring your home, even if you’ve turned your cell phone off while you’re on vacation. You can also purchase a monitored smoke alarm and video cameras without any additional costs to the monitoring fe

One of the best features of GetSafe is the fact that they do not require you to sign a contract. If for any reason you decide that you are unhappy with their service, you can cancel at any time without worrying about paying outrageous cancellation fees, making it an obvious choice renters, apartment dwellers and first-time homeowners.


login screen


home screen











4. The App

As we mentioned above, one of the best things about GetSafe is the fact that you don’t have to mount a keypad on your wall. Everything is controlled by the app including arm/disarm functions, video, battery life of devices, smart rules, and adding/deleting users. So, if you’re really set on having a traditional wall-mounted panel, Getsafe isn’t for you.

The app is seamless and fluid. Being that it’s a security app, each time we opened it from our phone, we had to input a 4-digit password to open it but we understand that there needs to be a layer of protection just in case someone steals your phone.

Finally, the app works with the Nest thermostat and is able to control the temperature without needing to exit and launch Nest separately.

5. Monitoring Service

After our equipment was installed, we armed the system and opened the door to test the entry sensor. The siren immediately went off and a GetSafe representative called before we were even able to disarm the alarm. We were extremely impressed with the response time, friendliness and professionalism from the monitoring station.

The customer support experience was also spot on. You can call in and talk to a customer service representative, but you can also email or what we prefer, to chat with them online. And since GetSafe targets the millennial audience, they’ve made themselves available to contact via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

getsafe starter kit with instructions

6. Conclusion

If you’re looking for a 21st century system that offers the most bang for your buck, GetSafe is definitely the system for you. Although you have to buy equipment, there are no installation costs and you can cancel at any time.

The equipment is easy to use and looks just like the existing electronics in your home, and there’s no need for a traditional keypad with their simple smartphone app. It doesn’t get any easier than a GetSafe system!

The good

  • No contracts to sign
  • DIY installation
  • No stationary control panel, everything is done on your smartphone
  • It’s easy to add, replace, or move equipment in your home
  • Works with Nest
  • Ability to control the temperature in your home
  • Wireless cameras available with free cloud storage
  • Professional monitoring only $29/mo
  • Beautiful looking equipment
  • Email, online chat, Facebook, and Twitter support

The bad

  • Must buy equipment
  • If you use the wireless video camera often, the AA batteries will also need to
    replaced often. However, this is common with all truly wireless video cameras.

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    Wow-I love that there is no contract involved! Thanks for sharing!

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