IHSG Certified

What does it mean to be certified by InHomeSafetyGuide.org (IHSG Certified)?  

InHomeSafetyGuide CertifiedA company that is certified by InHomeSafetyGuide.org means their product or service has been thoroughly reviewed and tested (where applicable) by the IHSG team and meets a “very good” to “excellent” rating based on the below set of criteria.  A company who achieves an IHSG Certification provides a product and/or service that InHomeSafetyGuide.org fully endorses and recommends.

  • Features / Equipment: The company must rank in the “very good” to “excellent” in our Features & Equipment criteria. Note, every company has their own definition of what is “very good” or “excellent.” This does not map to our meaning.  We have a strict baseline we test against and to qualify, the product/service must rank in the “very good” to “excellent” realm.
  • Price & Value: It’s important to understand how much value you’re getting for the price you’re paying. We take a close look at the cost of each solution and compare it to the value it has to offer.
  • Customer Service: A nice set of features are important points to consider, but none of these features matter if the company’s customer service isn’t up to par.  For example, we ensure the company is available when you need them and agents are truly specialized in their trade.
  • Reviews: Outside of our own extensive review process, we also take into consideration what both consumers and professionals had to say about a company’s solution. However, we only check reputable websites, such as the Better Business Bureau, to ensure that reviews are accurate and honest.

In addition, in order to become IHSG certified, the company is required to send us their equipment for real-world testing. This allows us to post original photos of the equipment, a full write-up and video when applicable. If a vendor refuses to send us their equipment for review, they are automatically disqualified from our certification program.

Lastly, when a company is IHSG Certified, it also means that we hold a deeper relationship with that provider and our communication with them carries weight. So, if you (the consumer) have any special feedback that you would like routed to the right person at an IHSG Certfied company, just let us know and we can make that happen!

Companies that want to be IHSG Certified:  You can contact us here. We will respond to all requests within one business day.  The consideration period to become IHSG Certified can take up to six weeks.  There is no cost to apply to our certification program; however, we may request equipment for testing as well as customer referrals.  If you apply and are not accepted, you will be provided with a detailed explanation of why you were not approved as well as corrective action you can take for reconsideration.  Our program will always be free of charge.