2017 IHSG Certification Procedures

InHomeSafetyGuide Certified

Created by a group of technology, security, safety and testing experts, the InHomeSafetyGuide.org Review Team is dedicated to providing consumers with the most unbiased, comprehensive, and trusted reviews anywhere.

Our combination of real people testing real products by applying the latest testing methodologies paired with the proprietary online algorithms to measure reliability, customer satisfaction, and company reputation, means you can research and compare different providers with confidence.

Below are the five categories we measure – a weighted average is then applied to provide a quantitative score of 1– 10, with 10 being the highest.

Buying Experience: Often the experience one has during shopping is reflective of the company and product/service as a whole.  Our team of secret shoppers make their purchases online as well as by phone; we then map our experience to the following – is the company transparent with their costs, service level agreements, and guarantees? Are their any hidden fees, defined by us as not only changes which are buried deep in the agreement, but also costs which are not explicitly called out or deceptive in any way?  Does the price advertised represent the true cost to the consumer?  How knowledgeable is the sales representative and how helpful are they when answering questions people have.  These are all key considerations which we uncover, disclose, and detail in our reviews.

Equipment & Setup:  InHomeSafetyGuide’s Testing Labs (IHSGtL) is made up of a diverse & experienced team of Testing Professionals. Every step is taken to ensure our testing scenarios are representative of what happens in the real world.  The level of commitment is reflective in our reviews as well as the feedback we receive from customers helps ensure there is little to zero surprise when you purchase one of the products/services reviewed by us.

Pricing & Value:  Price is an important consideration and one we weigh greatly; however, when measuring price, it must be mapped to value.  Mapping that relationship is critical to understand exactly what you’re getting for the price you’re paying.  Our proprietary testing system provides a quantitative score to an area with is largely qualitative – ensuring you have a clear picture of these two distinct yet interrelated consideration points.

Response Time:  Great price, best-in-class equipment, simple setup, all of these are for not if the service they are build to provide is not up to par.  Simply put, it is essential a company’s response time is fast, consistent, and dependable.  When help is needed, you need to know it will be there, 24 hours a day, every day, and without fail.  We provide comprehensive testing of this critical area by measuring response time as well as the level of service provided; ensuring that help is available should you need it.

Reputation: Does the company stand by their product, are their consumer or regulatory complaints filed against them? How long has the company been in business. These are all important factors to consider when assessing a company’s reputation.

What does it mean to be certified by InHomeSafetyGuide.org (IHSG Certified)?

A company that is certified by InHomeSafetyGuide.org means their product or service has been thoroughly reviewed and tested (where applicable) by the IHSG team and meets a “very good” to “excellent” rating based on the below set of criteria. A company who achieves an IHSG Certification provides a product and/or service that InHomeSafetyGuide.org fully endorses and recommends.

On average, only the top 10% of the companies meet certification criteria.

Companies interested in being tested can contact labs@inhomesafetyguide.org.