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 Recently, InHome was asked by the BBB to be a guest blogger and share simple techniques consumers can use to ensure the review sites they visit are legitimate

Providing Buying Advice on Medical Alert Systems is a serious business & one that InHome takes very seriously.

We are just a handful of companies accredited by the BBB and work with Google-approved verification companies to ensure consumers understand who we are, the work that goes into providing this content, and why we care so deeply about it.  We can always get better – at the bottom of this page we have a link to Trustpilot, share your experience of using InHome and we’ll give you an instant $5 Starbucks gift card as a thank-you.

The short version – is one of a handful of true review sites – we secret shop and purchase equipment to test and review.  After this is complete, we share our results with them to check for accuracy and offer them the chance to provide purchase links to the consumer.  To take part in this, we insist that we have the absolute BEST price to present.  In addition, roughly half of the companies you see listed on our site advertise with us, or provide a referral fee to us (commonly known as affiliate marketing.)  Our reviews and scores are not influenced by these fees, but they do allow us to continue and build out the most up-to-date and thorough review site for these life-saving devices on the planet. We feel our visitors deserve to know how we operate and also share this as a bit of caution when comparing different review sites – many are fair, many are big companies who place companies rankings in association with the dollars they are paid.  The only organization we know of that accepts no compensation of any type, is Consumer Reports.  They are great!  But they focus on everything – we focus on Medical Alert Systems.

We are the only review site in our category to have an A+ rating from the BBB as well as utilize Trustpilot, the most trusted platform for consumer feedback, where more than 200 people have voted us GREAT.  View these reviews and share your experience on Trustpilot – we’ll thank you with a fancy cup of coffee (i.e., $5 electronic Starbucks gift card – details below).

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Combating fake review sites  – InHome was created to help solve a problem – the proliferation of fake review sites.  Our Co-Founder, Kane Wilkin, was tasked with finding a Medical Alert System for his aging grandmother.  A simple Google search resulted in dozens of Medical Alert System Review sites – all claiming the same thing – Who the #1 Medical Alert System Provider was.

Kane has spent his career leading Customer Care for some of the largest Healthcare Organizations on the planet and this did not sit well with him.  Kane made a phone call to his best friend John Clinton, a lifelong friend who built his career in Silicon Valley as a Digital Marketing Leader and co-founded InHome along with Kane, and asked him two questions:

The answer was simple, but the tasks were challenging. The goals were to secret shop the market leaders, adopt standardized testing methods and put these products & services through the ringer, publish quantitative scores as well as unfiltered reviews.   When finished, share the results of various companies and for the ones who truly rank at the top, offer to sell their product with the promise of the lowest price to the consumer. And if there is a referral fee – wonderful – we can fund both the operation and the promotion of the site.

In 2012, John & Kane did just that.  Five years later, they are applying the exact same principles they used five years ago.  Roughly 50% of the companies recommended on our site provide us with a referral fee should a consumer end up purchasing through our site.  That has allowed InHome to grow its operation and advertising budget and compete for eyeballs with larger review sites (who know how to make a site appealing to the consumer but never touch the actual products they endorse).

Which brings us to Trustpilot.  Trustpilot happens to be the most trusted review platform in the world with more than 26 million unfiltered reviews of more than 152,000 businesses. To date, more than 225 customers have reviewed our services, awarding us an average score of 8.5+ out of 10, a rating of “GREAT.”  We encourage you to look over these reviews.  We also encourage you to leave us a review, it’s free to use and takes just a few minutes of your time.  We will show our appreciation for your feedback via a $5 Starbucks eGift Card, delivered to you in an instant.  Whether you love your experience on our site or find it just OK, we hope you share it and tell us why.  We’re proud of what we’ve built and take our responsibility in providing buying advice seriously.  It’s one thing to review the latest Big Screen TVs, but it’s a completely different story when it comes to life-saving devices and we strive to demonstrate our commitment to unbiased & valuable buying advice every day.

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