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Think You Can’t Put a Price on Safety? Think Again!

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You can’t put a price on safety.” You might be adamantly shaking your head, “Yes, yes! That’s so true!”

I’m not here to argue about how important our loved ones are. We would all pay any price to keep our friends and family safe, but let’s just take a minute to think about this piece of supposed wisdom.

Who’s telling you that? I’m willing to bet it isn’t your friends and family. They’re likely to persuade you to make an informed decision (Just like I’m about to do). They probably aren’t telling you to throw your money at any old medical alert system that comes your way, cost be damned, because you simply can’t put a price on safety.

Instead, it’s the medical alert system companies and others with a direct interest in getting you to make a purchase who are likely to pass along this piece of untrue wisdom. An extra pendant just in case your first one stops working? A fancy medication dispensing contraption? Blinged out neck pendant lanyard?

Yes, yes, yes! You can’t put a price on safety!

Well, I say no! How much is that blinged out neck pendant going to cost? I’m not shopping for a diamond pendant, I just want one that works!

So, to you I say, “Yes, you can put a price on safety,” and every penny you spend should count. You shouldn’t have to shell out your hard earned money for unnecessary features you’ll never use, especially if those features are just covering for a lack of important features that you should be paying for instead.

When shopping for a medical alert system, you need to be smart about the features that you’re paying for, so you can save on all that other stuff that you don’t need.

Base unit and pendant

Take a moment to think very carefully about exactly what you’re looking for in a medical alert system. Then, start your research.

Only need a medical alert system when you’re at home alone? Don’t let them convince you to add GPS capabilities to your plan. If you plan on wearing your neck pendant, don’t let them convince you to add a wall button to your plan.

Every single plan should come with a dependable base unit and pendant. Sometimes they’re all-in-one, like the Lively Alert by GreatCall, while others have separate base units and pendants, like Bay Alarm Medical. Each company offers their own unique combination of pros and cons, so research each carefully before you settle on the one that’s right for you.

Solid call center

Oh man, do you have to watch out for this one. Unfortunately, all those fancy options are usually indicative of a very serious problem. If a company can distract you with cool new innovations in technology, they can hide the fact that their service is sub-par. As a matter of fact, we talked about this a little bit when we interviewed Alan Wu from Bay Alarm Medical.

Instead of improving the overall customer experience, many companies focus on providing the latest and greatest gadgets, but what good is that fancy gadget if it isn’t backed by a dependable call center?

If that medical alert system doesn’t offer quality customer service, they aren’t worth your time. How heavy-handed are their sales tactics? How quickly will they respond in an emergency? Do they have U.S. based call centers, with more than one call center located around the country? Do they respond to more than just medical emergencies? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions! If you’re going to splurge, make sure you splurge on a system that offers the best customer service around.

IHSG certified

That’s great and all, but if you’ve spent any time browsing the medical alert system market, you know you’ve got a big job ahead of you. There aren’t just two or three systems to choose from. There are literally dozens of systems, and each and every one can be customized. How in the world are you supposed to narrow down your options!

I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but here at In Home Safety Guide, we’re really good at hunting down the best systems and rating them based on their best, and worst, features. If you could use a little help on your search for a medical alert system that doesn’t break the bank, make sure you browse our in-home, mobile, and auto fall detection units. We’ll make sure you don’t throw money down the drain, because you know what? You can put a price on safety. An affordable medical alert system that actually works the way it’s supposed to is way better than any of those fancy, expensive gadgets in my book.

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  2 comments for “Think You Can’t Put a Price on Safety? Think Again!

  1. Tracy Chang
    October 24, 2016 at 8:15 am

    This was an eye-opening article, thank you.

    My parents are researching systems now and they (nor I) never thought to ask the question that is staring us right in the face. Which of these companies have the best call centers? I want them to have a U.S. Center, are those available? I’d pay extra for that.

    Thank you in advance for your anwer

    • Albert
      October 27, 2016 at 2:10 pm

      Tracy – We appreciate the inquiry about which medical alert providers have the best call centers. All our top recommended medical alert providers have have all passed our certification and are all based in the U.S.A. We suggest you read our full reviews on the providers, call two of them that you like the best and ask them a few questions (e.g., are all their operations based in the U.S.A., confirm pricing, etc.). Then select the one you feel most comfortable with that doesn’t give you the hard sell. Hope this helps.

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