About Us – InHome’s Leadership Team

InHomeSafetyGuide.org (InHome) is a team of technology, security, and product testing experts, all dedicated to providing accurate in-depth reviews of products and services designed to keep people safe at home. InHome is based in the San Francisco area and has been in operation since 2012.

Kane Wilkin & John Clinton
InHome’s Co-Founders

John spent nearly 15 years in various Marketing and Product roles in Silicon Valley prior to starting InHome with Kane in 2012. John decided to take his skills learned in the tech world and remedy a problem that Kane and he spotted – fake review sites.  John is a proud father of his daughter, Mia.

Kane has been a champion of the customer since his first job out of college at a still startup-sized Intuit in 1990. Since then he has gone on to hold several leadership roles in customer care for nearly 25 years. In his spare team, Kane enjoys following his San Francisco Giants and spending time with his wife and two teenage boys.

Hallee Dunsky – Head of Content
Hallee is an expert in the field of Home Safety. She is a former schoolteacher, accomplished writer, and an advocate for seniors everywhere. Hallee oversees all of InHome’s content.


Eric Barnett – InHome Advisor
Mr. Barnett joined InHome in an advisory role several years ago
after hearing his associates speak of InHome and he wanted to help contribute.
Mr. Barnett is a Geriatric Specialist based in Southern California and is
also, InHome’s head senior advisor, helping shape InHome to serve seniors.

Chris Hastings – Senior Staff Writer
Chris has been with InHome since 2014. A life dedicated to service, Chris has made improving the lives of seniors his life’s work.  Chris and his wife, Cindy, are the proud parents of three children.